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Via the Torpoint Ferry


Take the A38 to Plymouth and follow on to the Devonport turn off just before the Tamar bridge. Turn left at the Devonport turn and follow the signs to the ferry. Take the ferry (7 minutes) and drive through Torpoint on the A374 to the village of Antony (3 miles). Bear left in village towards Millbrook. At the T junction turn left towards Millbrook and take a right turning (after approx. 1 mile) along the coast road. Drive for 2 miles through Freathy and turn left and left again into the fort (well signposted).


Via the Tamar Bridge


Take the A38 to Plymouth and follow on across the Tamar bridge. Drive onward via the A38 to Trerulefoot roundabout. Turn left sign posted Torpoint/Looe and follow road through Polbathic. After approx 3 miles turn right to Crafthole. At the mini-roundabout in village turn left towards Millbrook. After 3 miles (just after the turning left to Antony) take a right turning (after approx. 1 mile) along the coast road. Drive for 2 miles through Freathy and turn left and left again into the holiday park (well signposted).

PLEASE NOTE: Sat Nav’s can give more complicated routes through narrow lanes.


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