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We have limited availability for seasonal pitches next season. Inclusive of electric and waste hook up.   For more information contact David Hawkins 01752 822597      

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The Fort’s self catering family lodges, Tamar View b&b bedroom suites and serviced touring and Motor homes pitches are open throughout the year. Reception is open daily 10am-4pm Monday-Saturday. Sunday’s 10am-12 Closed Christmas day and boxing day *** The Vaults restaurant open Thursday- Saturday 6pm-9pm Sunday Carvery 12-3pm all year.   December Carvery’s we will […]

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A county that fills the Great British Beach Guide with stunning clean waters, contemporary hotels, stunning fishing villages steeped in history and more local pubs & restaurants than you can imagine.  Cornwall has reached ‘the top staycation’ list by the evening standard itself.  So if you’re looking for a holiday that’s perfect for romantic stays to family […]

Ordered Valium 3 Mg Iv Stat

Cornwall is known for its gorgeous coastline, with summer sea’s that replicate that of the Carribean climate.  With a culture that includes daily fresh caught seafood, crystal clear waters and a heritage that dates back to the time of the smugglers, Cornwall is so much more than just another British County. We’re situated within the […]

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  New to the market we have a beautifully presented lodge for sale, comprising 3 bedrooms for up to Six people. 2 bathrooms ( one en-suite) with shower and bath. fully tiled and fitted throughout  kitchen with electric oven and gas hob. Microwave. fridge/ freezer. dishwasher and washing machine. Dining room /lounge with dining table […]

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We’ve Expanded Our Accommodation Range! Tamar View Bed and Breakfast Luxury Suites 2 years ago we began the process of converting our old chalets into luxury bed and breakfast suites which since completion has received thousands of outstanding reviews in which we’re incredibly thankful for.  Since the demand for suite availability has grown, we decided to convert the rest […]

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Published by Visit Cornwall. Whitsand Bay has made it into the top ten of beaches to walk in Cornwall, which runs along with the beaches title for one of the Top 10 Dog-Friendly Beaches! This follows other national articles awarding the area with: Top 10 Scenic Drives Top 5 coastal walks (Cawsand to Rame Head […]

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Join Paul and the team from Hidden Heritage for an escorted tour of the monument. Meet them at 11.30 at the heritage centre for an entertaining and interesting walk around the battlement, tunnels and underground ammunition stores. For 2018 the tour has been extended with more to see than ever. We now have two of […]