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A world away from our holiday resort rests a perfectly quaint holiday cottage. As you take a stroll towards the highest point of the Rame Peninsula, there you will find her, quietly nestled in between two imposing 19th century gun emplacements. Discover the history, beauty and rugged charm of Radar Heights and all of her secluded surroundings.

The ultimate in luxury, a private Jacuzzi sunk into the decking, with glorious westerly views across the bay (charges apply) *

Radar Heights has been designed with you in mind. With panoramic views visible through every window you can indulge in the real Cornwall no matter the weather. Spend the warm summer months having BBQ’s in your own private garden, or lounge on the terrace sunbathing. Spend the winter months gazing at the stars with a telescope, or just embracing the homely atmosphere in our quintessential Cornish cottage.